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Monday, January 10, 2011

the first meal

Hello happy yellow french oven!
Welcome to my kitchen, I am going to take real good care of you!

This is a picture of the first meal I made in my brand spank'n new Le Creuset french oven! I am slap happy to own this specific cookware. It is most exciting to have a pan that is so versitile. I can use it on the stove top and then pop it in the oven to accomplish certain cooking techniques.

Since my new kitchen cookware is not nearly as exciting for all of you (as I won't be able to accomodate inviting all of you over for dinner at once to celebrate. Truly, I would if I could, but I've got a few more resources to gather in life before I can do that. For starters a bigger house, or perhaps even a kitchen table? It's true, I do not own a kitchen table due to the cozy-sized house.), I will leave you with a little something to "chew" on.

Concerning salads; always add fruit. The natural sweetness is a beautiful contrast to the green leafy salad. I love dried craisins & cherries; but grapes, apples, mandarin oranges, strawberries & pomegranate seeds are all excellent choices.

A few combinations to try:

Romaine with grapes, swiss cheese & walnuts
Spinach with feta cheese, strawberries & red onion
Spring Mix with pine nuts, apples, craisins & dill sprinkled over the salad


  1. I love the spinach salad you mentioned. I add raisins to it sometimes. The kiddos love that one.

  2. I love your blog. The biggest problem I have is reading over the rumbling of my tummy!! Your writing and pictures make me hungry! ;)