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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30th Birthday Tribute

I know a tribute to myself sounds pretty narcissistic, but I can get away with it on my birthday perhaps?
This blogpost is in honor of my 30th Birthday, which happens to be today. The day that Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon - yay for America! The only thing I love more than fine food is traveling & outdoor adventures. So I thought I'd share some pictures of enjoyable adventures in my lifetime thus far. I know there are many, many more grand adventures awaiting me. I plan to find them, don't you worry!
They are in no particular order:

Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida - Spring 1997
(I was a sophomore in high school here!)

Merida Yucatan, Mexico - 2005
(unfortunately we did not ride this scooter; long story.)

Veracruz, Mexico -  2005

Snowshoeing the Continental Divide - Winter 2009

Bodhi in belly at Moab, Utah - Fall 2007

Hotel Del Coronado; San Diego, California 2007
(this was a Babymoon unbeknowst to us!)

2006 Christmas Eve boating adventure! St. Louis, Missouri

The day I felt like a Princess - Summer 2003
Shove Chapel @ Colorado College, Colorado Springs

Baby Bodhi at the Great Sand Dunes, Colorado - Spring 2008

Torrey Pines State Reserve; California - Summer 2010

La Jolla, California - Summer 2011

Backpacking the Wimenuche Wilderness - Fall 2009

NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida - Summer 2008
(this trip was in celebration of our 5th year of marriage!)

John Deere Pavilion; Moline, Illinois - Fall 2008

Pacific Coast Highway Route 1- breathtaking drive

Monterey, California  - Fall 2008

Las Vegas, Nevada - Fall 2008

Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska - Fall 2008

Montana Countryside 4th of July - 2009

Austin, Texas - Summer 2011

Kayaking in the British Virgin Islands - 2004

Grand Canyon - Spring 2009


  1. OOooh, YES!! Those ARE some great adventures!!!! I LOVED going to Monterey with you!!! Thank you, again, for sharing that adventure with me! :) I like the pic of you (and Bodhi in your belly) at Moab, 2007! Great look, mama!!! Yes, you totally deserve a tribute to yourself on your 30th birthday!!! It only happens once, and it is a day to be celebrated to the max. I wish I could be there with you, but I am there in spirit! Love you, my friend!!!

  2. Wow, you have had so many fabulous adventures so far. What a beautiful life;) I totally have it in me to see the world one place at a time too.

  3. Happy birthday! And THANK YOU for your button color suggestion on the sunglass case- that is exactly what it needs and your comment was exactly what i was hoping to get. :) p.s. i've had a great time browsing your site. I'm trying to get into more healthy foods and natural remedies so i'm glad to have "met" you. :)