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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the makings of a Spiderman Birthday party...

This post is way over due and old news by now, but I still wanted to share some fun details (and photos) from Bodhi's 4th Spiderman themed birthday party. This party was greatly anticpated by the birthday boy, and he thoroughly enjoyed his superhero status for the day. It was a Superhero/Princess party, with a specific emphasis on Spiderman. It seemed to be more fun to allow the kids to choose which superhero they'd like to be, and obviously, most girls preferred to dress up as a princess anyhow.

All of the Superheroes and Princesses

 the birthday boy with his chosen cupcake

Annie's Mac n Cheese & Kleenex boxes wrapped in red paper 
and turned into Spiderman's city buildings

Wonder Woman made an appearance (We love you, Auntie KK!)

Super G painting Superhero arms & Princess faces with 
eco friendly and skin friendly Clementine paints

Iron Man with (2) Princesses

the Thor twins

sweet Baby Girl

Buzz Lightyear & Spiderman take a juicebox break

Double Spideys with Ariel

the Spiderman Pelota, not Pinata
(Pelota is the Spanish word for ball)

Garrett and I put our  brains together on this one; thinking it'd be much easier for the kids to kick a ball-shaped paper mache around rather than try to swing a stick at it. This was (4) layers of newpaper mache over a balloon. (1) part flour to (2) parts water for the paste each time; allowing it to dry overnight after each paper mache layer. Finally, Garrett painted it red w/ spray paint, used a black sharpie for web line details and made the classic Spiderman eyes. All his handywork to make it look super "Spidey".

 the Ultimate (cheesy) Spiderman kiss. It had to be done, folks.

Super Hero Training Camp

Lifting the 200 lb. Barbell

Jumping over the red hot lava!

Climbing through the webs

Silly string'n the bad guys

more silly string....

Encouraging the birthday boy to kick the Spiderman Pelota

the candy & favors spilling out...

assessing His loot

Garrett & I took the liberty of dressing up as our personal superheroes;
Garrett as Ray Mears, me as Julia Child.

the guys

the girls

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  1. Oh! These games are so cute! It is definitely one of the coolest parties I have ever seen. I got some ideas from this post for my nephew’s birthday party. I have shortlisted some of the NYC venues for his birthday celebration, will look for the one with a huge space for activities.