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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This serves as a very unofficial announcement that this blog is about to change, err, encompass...more...of life. This "expansion" is due to the fact that our family is embarking on a new endeavor and we are becoming full time missionaries. Therefore; this foodie's blog will sometimes take on a communicative type role for the sake of our dear family & friends. You may see more family-style entries and photos of what is going on with us as we will be traveling a lot in 2012.

I do promise to keep my passion of wholesome homemade food alive, but I may not always have time to share it. So often I think, "I should blog about this" when I make a delicious dish or bake a sweet treat; but when it comes right down to it, by the time I sit down to blog about the food goodness, I realize I would really rather spend my time creating more yummy food to eat. (I admit that was a rather long run on sentence, but I think I pulled it off successfully?) This phenomenon happens to me at home, so add in the traveling bit, and I think my cooking opportunities may wane a little...sniff, sniff. Hang around to see glimplses of our crazy upcoming adventure of a lifestyle.

What better way to get this party started than to say
 Spiderman is in the house.....

 Bodhi turns 4 years old in eleven short days. 
We are having a Spiderman party. Word. 
It's gonna be awesome.

 Ready for Super hero action.

 I think he was actually saying "Ka Chow" for this one. 
We are also very fond of Lightning McQueen.
YOU are my number one fan. 

 Slinging his web to the top of the Christmas tree. 

He was a little ticked at his dad for wearing his sweet Spidey mask, as you can see by his expression.