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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kyocera Ceramic Knives

I am very enthusiastic about my newest kitchen tool, a Kyocera Ceramic Knife! I got it as a birthday gift from my loving husband, and it is amazing. I don't know if anyone out there has ever heard of such thing as a ceramic knife, but they have been around for a long time. They are knives that can cut through anything with ease, and I mean like butta. Truly, I have never used another knife in my life that can even hold a candle to this bad boy. The one drawback is that it's extremely fragile. So, even though this knife potentially can cut through anything, it's best used on fruits and vegetables, and fleshy meats without bones. This knife must be handled with care; that means hand washing and storing it in a safe place where it's not bouncing around a drawer with other utensils. But if those two things are enough to make you turn your nose up at it, let me get back to the "cuts like butta" part. Have you ever marveled at thinly sliced tomatoes you've seen at delis or drempt of being able to cut paperthin kiwi or strawberry slices? I have. And now I can. Maybe Garrett should've videoed my response the very first time I used it to slice tomato and onion for dinner. I'm pretty sure it would have been one of those videos that would make you want the product. Did I mention you never have to sharpen this knife? Hot Dog! I am knife snob. I like my knives sharp, and I happen to be married to the right man for that, but this is one less knife I have to put on the "Honey Do Sharpen List". You might be wondering did I say the word "never" have to sharpen? I did. But if you ever feel your ceramic knife gets to the point where it needs re-sharpening, Kyocera offers complimentary sharpening where they will sharpen your knife on diamonds, you just pay $10 for shipping and handling. There are several companies making ceramic knives these days, but I like to hang with my man Ming Tsai (i LOVE this chef, he is awesome) on this one and stick with the company who has been doing it the longest and it's probably safe to say they are producing the best products.