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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

build a better BLT

We love BLTs. They are an easy solution to the common, uh-oh it's 5 o' clock and I don't have anything remotely resembling a planned dinner rolling around in my mind. But we have grown a little weary of the old standby, so I decided to spice it up a bit. Background: I do not like mayo or miracle whip, so I usually just butter the toast. It always tasted a little dry, like it was missing that moisture or cream to smooth out all the flavors. And I can hear all of you out there are going, duh woman - that's why we use the mayonnaise. Not me, no thank you. So this time, I got a little inventive in the kitchen and here's what happened: It was delicious.

How to build a better BLT:

Cook your bacon.

Thinly slice onion.

Thinly slice tomato. Dill and pepper your tomato. What? I can say that. I know it sounds wierd, but it's really illogical considering we say "salt & pepper" things all the time. You don't need any salt because of how salty the bacon is (this coming from a salt-addict), but you do need dill because it goes so well with tomato slices.

Toast your bread.

Drizzle a vinaigrette dressing over your toast (such as Brianna's homestlye dressings) and then top each toast with crumbled cheese. I used goat cheese, however; one could also use feta or parmesan reggiano. Any cheese with a punch, you want to taste the cheese without having to use a lot of it. Personally, I think the goat cheese was, as the Italian chef would say, magnifico! The tanginess of the goat cheese married perfectly with the BLT-ness. After you've drizzled your toast with vinaigrette and cheese crumbles, build a "normal" BLT. Put the warm bacon directly onto the cheese to make it melt ever so slightly. Yum. Enjoy. You're welcome.


  1. Sounds completely yummy!!! Can't wait to try it!

  2. Lish, I love your blog! I need to cook through it! What wonderful recipes!