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Monday, January 17, 2011

a few of my new-found fun favorite things...

1) Silk French Vanilla Soy Creamer - yum. double yum. Ok, I know some of you may remember me posting about avoiding the brand Silk because they are owned by Dean Foods, who is not so hot in my book. However; the selection of delicious dairy-free creamers is minimal. So...foot in mouth on this one I guess!

2)Rick Bayless' MEXICAN EVERYDAY Cookbook - easy, authentic, well-rounded meals. Did I say it was easy? If you happen to stumble across my blog and you live in the Chicago area, you should definitely visit one of Rick's restaurants - Fronterra Grill or Topolobampo.

3)Seventh Generation's handsoap in the delightful Fresh Citrus scent, competitively priced and free of the bad man-made chemicals.

4)Rice Dream Chocolate Bars -guaranteed to be 100% dairy free, no traces! This is good news for all of the lactose-intolerant peeps out there! They are delicious.

5)Shady Maple Farms pure maple sugar crystals, makes breakfast a snap. Sprinkle some of these deluctable maple crystals onto your pancakes & waffles. You won't miss the mess of sticky syrup. Not to mention the delimma of the maple syrup needing to be stored in the fridge, so when you want to use it, you've go to re-heat some syrup. Who wants cold maple syrup on their warm, fresh pancake? Right, point proven. These innocent little maple syrup crystals solve the problem!

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  1. I LOVE Rick Bayless!!! I would love to have a rooftop garden like his. I've never tried the maple syrup crystals. They sound amazing!