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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

America's Food Crisis, coming to a grocery store near you soon....

I watched Food, Inc. last night. I was aware of several of the issues represented in the film, but boy, oh, boy was it a most informative refresher. I was just waiting for them to bring up Monsanto, and they did, near the end of the film. If you don't know anything about Monsanto, you should know these two things:

1) They started out as a chemical company, and are now pioneering the way for genetically modified foods. I dont know about you, but I work hard to keep chemicals and food separated, not combined. Mosanto's pride and joy is the Roundup Ready soybean. They control something like 80 % of the soybeans in the USA. That should scare you folks, scare you right into action. Write a letter to your Congressmen and let them hear your voice. There is power in numbers. Power of the people, it still works today.

2) President Obama named Monsanto the head of agriculture for the United States of America. This means that without intervention of the people, Monsanto is now on a fast track to control the majority of food in America from seed to market. They already have an insane monopoly on the soybean, sueing small time farmers who don't use their product, but whose crops have involuntarily become contaminated with Monsanto's Roundup Ready soybean by winds blowing the contaminated seeds from neighboring famers who DO use Monsanto's soybeans.

We eat three times a day, 365 days a year. To me, it's worth putting in some research from time to time to ensure that one is abreast of the food world and can make educated decisions about what to put on the table. There are always "new and exciting" opportunities available to us in this country. New and exciting does not always mean it's best, or healthiest. Unfortunately, so often, the American public readily ingests media propaganda becuase "they" said so and don't ever think twice. Let me just give you a news flash which will never appear in mainstream media. You cannot trust the government with your health. They absolutely do not have your best interest in mind, they have their pocketbooks and stocks in mind. The food and drug industries in this country are like peanut butter and jelly. You can't have one without the other. There is so much money involved, that no one at ground level is going to make any positive change until we, the people, rise up and demand a change in our agriculture. It is incumbent for you to assume full responsibility for your health, don't allow that responsibility to fall to someone else's shoulders. You are your own advocate. And as your own advocate, I strongly encourage you to watch Food, Inc. (if you have Netflix, you can watch it instantly online right now) or forgoe your daily Starbucks and spend your money on renting Food, Inc. You are getting the better end of the deal, trust me. You may want to order your Venti half-calf Caramel Macchiato with organic milk from now on ;)

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