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Friday, May 22, 2015

Mosquito Nets 101

We are about to go into rainy season here in Nicaragua, and that means a large increase in mosquitoes. Not only are they extremely annoyingly noisy at night flying right near your head while you're trying to sleep, they also carry disease. Boo. So we got the kids mosquito nets to protect them while they sleep. Hanging up the mosquito nets was feat of it's own because we didn't want to pull the ceiling down on one of our children. Ewww. I am pretty sure I can imagine what's living in the ceiling space.... So Garrett used his brilliant mind, and hung up a taught & sturdy wire horizontally from wall to wall over their bed. So now the mosquito net can slide along on the wire, which is pretty cool. But even better, no one will wake up covered in ceiling debris. The first night that we used the nets, I failed to do one very important thing. Here is where "Mosquito Nets 101" comes in, so read carefully. After you have hung the net properly and BEFORE you put your child to sleep for 10 hours inside the little cocoon of [what you believe to be] protection, check to make sure there aren't any mosquitoes INSIDE the mosquito net. That's right. Eden slept all night with a trapped mosquito. 

Alicia 0 
Nica Mosquito 1 

Lesson Learned.

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