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Saturday, March 14, 2015

border crossings & beaches

We just experienced our first border crossing. At the 6 month mark, Nicaraguan law requires foreigners to exit Nicaragua. We walked over the border to Costa Rica. (We are still working on all the paper work involved in getting our truck registered in Garrett's name, and we can't take it out of Nica until that paperwork comes through). It was too hot and super stressful, but now we've done it and gained another notch of life experience on the ole' life belt. The kids were great, as usual. They have no idea how awesome they are.

 Garrett got stung by this scorpion while he was asleep in bed in our hotel room at 4:00 a.m. Sad face :-(  He is okay now. We treated the sting with prayer, essential oils, and drinking coffee (locals swear by this).

Which led to us walking the beach at sunrise, and finding these beautiful pink sea shells. Because seriously who could go back to sleep after that?!?

Bodhi had a great time frolicking in the ocean and looking for hermit crabs.

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