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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hats off to Chipotle

Garrett and I recently enjoyed some adult time as we went to see the movie Contagion, but the best part of my night wasn't the movie. Although the movie was extremely entertaining, and pleasantly clean; meaning minimal language, no crude humor, no nudity or sex scenes, no bloody violence, and so the Hollywood list goes wasn't Contagion that I wanted to give a standing ovation. (And I have done that in the past at Lord of the Rings, the Twin Towers. I cheered aloud when Eowyn took off her helmet, her long hair fell, and she said "I'm no man" and cut off Sauron's head!!! Best Movie Moment EVER. Ok, I am definitely sidetracked here...sorry.) It was Chipotle's short film 'Back to the Start' which promotes supporting local farmers by eating locally grown food. It is brilliant, brilliant I tell you! In 2:20 it shows the story of why it is so important to eat real food, and the negative affects big box production food companies have on society, humans and animals. Well done, Chipotle, well done.

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  1. ok, i must be hormonal, but i have to admit i got goosebumps and a little choked up toward the end. yay chipotle! yay for real food! :) thanks for sharing.