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Thursday, May 6, 2010

This summer, in every diaper bag & mom's purse across America.....

there should be a tube of Arnica gel! This stuff is amazing. Or as I like to say: aaa-may-za-zing! (That saying is only to be used on something that is truly extroadinary, peeps). Also, keep an extra tube handy in your purse, mini van, medicine cabinet, etc. Why? Anytime your child falls (no skin break), arnica is the first thing you should smear on your babe, or child. It works well to reduce swelling and considerably reduces bruising if applied immediately after the fall. Of course, the classic summertime story is: beautiful sunny day, kids playing, kid runs excitedly on sidewalk, kid does face plant to cement, mama's stomach almost comes out of her throat, and the tears break mama's heart. Yes, we've all had this one occur in our household. I find that Bodhi does not want ice held onto his throbbing head, he just wants comforted. But I always take a few seconds the smear on the arnica right away, because it is a miracle working plant from our Creator. Also, arnica is excellent for sore muscles & pain relief after your honey has been working on your honey-please-do list. So, do the whole family a favor and pick up some Arnica gel for this summer season. Bonus, I just searched it online and see that it's available at Target, and of course, your local healthfood stores would stock this item as well (it's probably cheaper at the healthfood store).

Important note: Arnica is NOT to be used on an open wound, it is only for reducing swelling and bruising on non-broken skin. If you have an open wound/scrape you'd like to treat naturally; the remedy to reach for is Calendula Cream. I highly recommend keeping some Calendula on hand as well. Bonus usage; anytime a little rash or rough skin turns up, I rub in some Calendula for good measure.

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