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Thursday, December 10, 2009

toxic: ('taksik) poisonous

1) Ecover Stain Remover
2) BabyGanics Scrub a Tub, Tube & Tile Cleaner -- Lavender scent
3) Ecover Cream Scrub

Here are some of my absolutes for keeping my home clean and fresh without the lingering smell of clorox or the side affects of harsh chemicals. In my experience, each of these products have performed superior -to or as well as anything "chemical" out on the market. Ecover has made it's way into many chain grocery stores, King Sooper's carries it and of course Whole Foods. BabyGanics is stocked in store fronts at Babies R Us and Toys R Us, otherwise you can order online.

Did you know:
*Out of 80,000 chemicals that have
entered the market since 1976,
only about 200 of them have been tested.

While we're on the topic of harsh, or should I say *toxic chemicals, please take a minute and click on the link above to support Seventh Generation in their efforts to unify and represent Americans in Washington, D.C. Seventh Generation is petitioning Congress for a Toxic Chemical Reform Policy. Seventh Generation has initiated the "Million Baby Crawl" and will be marching into D.C. in January to say NO to Toxic Capitalism. I have created a "crawler" (listed under my full name Alicia plus my last name) as you'll see online, and I'd love your support and/or for you to make your own "crawler" and let your voice be heard. I have several Seventh Generation products in my home; and am elated to support a company who is taking a stand against the Chemical Industry with the interest of our health and our planet as the focal point of it's reform policy. If you think I am babbling on about the "green bandwagon" here, you are gravely mistaken. This is a fight, and it most certainly will not be a quiet one. The Chemical Industry is a trillion dollar industry, at work both here and abroad. Creating and then selling toxic chemicals to the American public, which we bring into our homes; cleaning our kicthens, bathrooms, and floors where we live and breathe in these toxins on a daily basis. Please educate yourself, take some time and read up about this important issue on the internet. I am proud to be at the front of this revolution. Join me, and together we can make a difference. One by one, as homes across America band together, we will make history.

*toxic: ('taksik) poisonous

Toxic waste is waste material that can cause death or injury to living creatures. It can be spread quite easily and can contaminate lakes and rivers. The term is often used interchangeably with “hazardous waste”, or discarded material that can pose a long-term risk to health or environment.

*Statistic from the Seventh Generation website *Toxic waste info courtesy of Wikipedia

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