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Sunday, November 10, 2013

On our time in Antigua, Guatemala

Now, I wish I would've taken more pictures. But these photos provide some insight into our time in Antigua, Guatemala learning to understand, speak and write the Spanish language.

the courtyard 

the first house we lived in

traditional Spanish architecture

Guatemala is known as "the land of eternal spring"

the flowers 

the walks

special reading spots

the view

the dust (this is ONE day)

the studying

the fleas :-( 

the love

the family visit

the streets

the arch on 5th Avenue 

La Merced Church

Human Statue "the miner" at Central Park 

the fountain at Central Park

ruins at Central Park


Hotel Santo Domingo

ruins at Hotel Santo Domingo

Restaurant on the Hill - Hotel Santo Domingo

Restaurant on the Hill - Hotel Santo Domingo

the hiking

Pacaya Volcano

Lake Atitlan

visiting a woman's co-op of handmade goods

the organic yarn

the skills

mad skills....

the organic dying process

the finished product strung out to dry...

the coffee  *sigh*

the streets

the signage "Only Jesus can change your life"

the boat

Lake Atitlan

traditional clothes -- "ropa tipica"

the cuteness

Lake Atitlan

the second house we lived in

the study books (missing last three levels)

the study cards 

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