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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Homeopathic Medicine Cabinet for Third World Living

Some of our dearest friends are getting ready to move to Nepal to start a grass roots humanitarian project called Portal. My girlfriend asked for the list of herbs I keep on hand, and how I use them to treat our family. 

If you live in a third world environment, I would HIGHLY recommend that you buy and take all of these herbal remedies along. 

If you live in America, but will be traveling to a third world environment, I HIGHLY recommend you take along the GSE and the doTerra On Guard essential oil. Take them both internally, everyday.
p.s. Don't eat food sold from street vendors, you are not Andrew Zimmern.  

If you live in America, then you are just in luck. Because chances are you can drive to Whole Foods right now and get anything on this list.......

Arnica Gel  - any bump/bruise where skin is NOT broken, muscle pain and stiffness, general bruising
Calendula Gel  - any bump/scrape where skin IS broken or for a rash 
(doTerra Melaleuca oil would be my 1st choice for skin rash) 

GAIA Eucalyptus Chest Rub - chest & back rub for coughs and bottoms of feet (put heavy socks on after applying it to feet)
I wouldn't leave home without it. This stuff is awesome. 

HYLANDS (under the tongue dissolvable tablets) I LOVE ALL OF THESE!!!!!

Magnesium Phosphate 6X - period cramps
Arnica Montana 30X - muscle soreness, bruising
Allium Cepa 30X - runny nose due to cold OR allergies
Spongia Tosta 30X - coughs
Mercurius Vivus 30X - sore throat

D3 Liquid Vitamin Drops - when kiddo immunity is down 
Multi Vitamins - Woman's One-a-Day for me
Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries Multi-Vitamin Gummies for kids taken daily
Liquid Ionic Multiple Minerals by Eidon - I take it daily to replace minerals lost from walking/excursion - has greatly reduced headaches & fatigue 

Peppermint oil - for Fevers, massage into soles of feet and put on thick socks before sleep. Excellent for headaches & period cramps. If you apply it to boy's skin, dilute in small dime sized amount of coconut oil first. 

On Guard oil- taken internally or used topically. If used topically, it will sting. For the kids, I always put it in a base of coconut oil first. Put it on feet when immunity is compromised, or put into juice to drink internally, or put into a spray bottle. Mix 10 drops into a glass 2 oz spray bottle (Mtn Mama's). I spray everything. Spray hands as a natural sanitizer, excellent for sore throats, disinfecting the table….. 

TerraShield - repels mosquitoes & insects. I also have this in a glass spray bottle and spray our skin & bedsheets frequently to reduce mosquito bites.

DigestZen - upset intestines, rumbly intestines due to third world living WKW? (who knows what). Bodhi did have a small reaction to this oil, so I always dilute it in the coconut oil before I rub it on his tummy. 

GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract - Liquid Concentrate by NutriBiotic 
Full strength for adults, it tastes horrible, but it WORKS! 
We drink it almost every day as a precautionary health method. 
Two or three drops into a glass of juice or tea for the kiddos, and down the hatch no problem.

NATURAL ELECTROLYTE DRINK - diarrhea & vomiting, dehydration
Half gallon of Pure water
1/3 cup real, local honey 
(if local honey is not available, use Stevia drops or raw Agave-- Do NOT use sugar)
1/3 cup lemon juice or lime 
2 teaspoons salt 

BRAGG's ACV -- Apple Cider Vinegar  -- the real stuff, with the "mother"
Anytime anyone has the beginning symptoms of sickness, drink 1-2 tsp of ACV in juice or water.  ACV changes your body's chemical composition so that it is more difficult for the bad bacteria to grow. If you don't have access to real ACV, then you can try to drink straight fresh lime or lemon juice. That is what many Guatemalans do when they feel cold, cough or flu symptoms. 

As always, the absolute best medicine is SLEEP.
Avoid sugar and dairy like the plague when you are sick. 
Stay hydrated - drinking only pure water and warm herbal teas sweetened with real, local honey or Stevia Leaf drops.

Last but not least, PRAYER. 

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