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Monday, May 9, 2011

my little chef

While these lemon bars we were making ended up being nothing to write home about, my little chef sure is! As we were making the crust for our lemon bars, I had to stop to change baby girl's diaper (due to the classic ability of newborns to poop large amounts right at the most inconvenient time). I asked Bodhi to keep mixing the crust together with his hands while I change Eden's diaper. I was away a good five minutes or more, as a whole new outfit was needed for my baby girl. When I came back in the kitchen, I saw Bodhi mixing a little, eating a little, mixing a little, eating a little. I am pretty sure this had gone on the whole time I was gone, as there was dough all over his face, including in his eyelashes. One of those moments you have to document, and it makes me laugh just looking at the pictures.

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