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Friday, September 4, 2009

Temecula, California (aka Wine Country)

This glorious path that Garrett is strolling down with the little man leads to a room of delight. We recently had the opportunity to taste several wines from the Tememcula region, and it was most enjoyable. Although, there was definitely a highlight to our evening when we were given Wilson Creek's infamous Almond Champagne. Oh yum, double yum. I have never in my life tasted a Champagne that I actually liked, well ladies and gentlemen, that has changed! The Almond Champagne was amazing. Close runners up were the Decadent Chocolate Port served in mini Dark Chocolate shot glasses and the Cream Sherry Spritzer. All in all, a very pleasant evening spent in the beautiful wine country of the southern California region. Not to mention the exquisite meal we ate afterwards to help soak up the wine. We revelled in our week spent along the breathtaking California coastline, but we did look forward to returning to our Rocky Mountains! We really enjoy visiting the ocean, and are thankful we've had the opportunitiy to do so very often in our six years together. We look forward to many more vacations spent at the ocean, breathing in the fresh salty air, digging our toes into the sand, and soaking up the westcoast sunshine. Until then....Cheers! Now go find yourself a bottle of that Almond Champagne.

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